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Copadichromis borleyi PDF Print E-mail
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General information – Copadichromis borleyi is large, colorful cichlid

endemic to Lake Malawi, Africa. A number of varieties are available but

the most popular is the red fin variant. Like the entire 'Utaka'

(open water) group this great cichlid is mainly herbivore. In their natural

habitat the Copadichromis borleyi found in shallow to mid-depths of the

Lake. With its natural, beautiful colors the Copadichromis borleyi

became one of the most sought after cichlids around the world.

Common Name - Red Fin, Kadango

Scientific Name - Copadichromis borleyi, Cyrtocara borleyi;

Haplochromis borleyi


Copadichromis borleyi (Red Fin, Kadango)
Photo by: Amir levi

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