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You have huge tank? Maybe you found a new "pet".

Arowana is a very unique fish, some varieties can grow up to four feet long (120 cm).

The fish name came from the native Indonesian language that means ARWANA or NIRWANA

meaning fish of paradise,

The locals believe that the Arowana fish brings fortune and good luck perhaps because its gold

color and its dragon appearance,

Some people name the Arowana the dragon fish. Fossils indicate its primitive origins from the

Jurassic age which makes it prehistoric 

than any other pet.


                                                    arowana taxonomy





Most common Arowana species in the hobby:   

Asian Arowana- Scleropages formosus 

Spotted Arowana- Scleropages leichardti 

Northern Arowana- Scleropages jardini 

Silver Arowana- Osteoglossum bicirrhosum 

African Arowana- Heterotis niloticus 

Black Arowana- Osteoglossum ferreirai 

Arowana (Dragon fish)


Arowana fish known as feisty and aggressive fish but known as well as smart fish that can learn to

eat from keeper hands. 

All Arowana varieties known as carnivores, in nature they fed on fish, birds, and Insects and

other living creatures, some varieties such as the silver Arowana have been known to jump to trees

in order to catch insects.

In order to keep Arowana in home tank you need to understand that this fish produce a lot of

waste and you should therefore need to pay attention to your tank water especially to ammonia levels,

Arowana keepers perform change water 2-3 times a week, along with water changes you need to

have suitable filtration system, you also should maintain the PH natural.

Due to his aggression it will be best kept alone in an aquarium, smaller fish will became part of its diet.

Another tip raising Arowana is to cover the tank, the Arowana swim in the top of the aquarium and capable

of jumping to your carpet.

Wile in your tank you should keep them on 75-86F (24-30) and PH 7-7.5, you should treat Arowana as you

have diamonds, some of the variant such as golden Arowana or Asian Arowana is considered an

endangered species, the silver Arowana and black Arowana are more common in the hobby

and significantly cheaper than the Asian Arowana. 

The silver Arowana comes from the Amazon basin, they can grow to around 46 inches in the wild,

In aquariums they are usually smaller, this species known to be a good jumper, In the wild they catch

insects from the trees,  just like the golden Arowana they will thrives in temperature between

24-30c (75-86f), many fish keepers have hard time using this species to eat non live food, they will

always prefer to eat meaty food such as fish, shrimp and worms.

Similar to other species you need to keep it alone in the tank, the silver Arowana known to be very

aggressive towards it own kind, small Arowana (20-30 cm) can be kept in the main tank with other fish

but you have to pay attention as it grows it will be more and more aggressive and it will be the right time to

setup an aquarium just for it.

The northern Arowana is found mostly in northern Australia, this species can grow to around

36 inches (90 cm), the northern Arowana feed on fish, shrimp, insects and other small creatures

and best kept at temperature of 72-80f (22-27c) and PH level of 6-7.5.

The Northern Arowana is known to be less aggressive then others. 

The spotted Arowana is found mostly in southern Australia, similar to the northern Arowana this

species can grow to 36 inches, unlike other arowanas this species lives in the bottom, they have

the same nutrition as the northern Arowana feeding on shrimp, fish and Insects.

This Arowana fish species prefers temperatures between 75and 86F (24-30 C), and a

PH level of 6.5-7.5. 

The African Arowana comes from central and western Africa, this Arowana can grow up to

40 inches (100cm) in nature wile In captivity they are usually smaller.

This species are rare just like the Asian Arowana, they prefers temperatures between 75 and 86F (24-30 C)

and a pH level of 6.7-7.5.

Their nutrition based on fish, shrimp, worms and insects. 

The Black Arowana comes from South America in the Rio Negro basin, they grow up to

around 40 inches (100 cm), best kept in 75-86f (24-30) and PH level of  5-7.

Their nutrition based on insects, fish and worms.  

Good luck with your arowana…..