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General information - Micromussa amakusensis is one of the rarest

corals available in the market. This beautiful coral grow very well in

captivity when providing its needs. This genus has been newly

discovered in the reef aquarium hobby but although it is very expensive

it became a very desired coral. In nature, micromussa amakusensis

can be found in protected reef environments and rocky foreshores.

Common Name – Passionfruit Micromussa, Micromussa 

Scientific Name - Micromussa amakusensis 

Micromussa amakusensis (Micromussa coral)
Photo by: Ohad H  

Family - Mussidae 

Origin - Pacific 

Nutrition - Although this coral will grow without direct feeding it will thrive when feeding and will grow faster.

Meaty foods such as Mysis, krill, brine shrimp and Cyclops are great food source. Calcium, Magnesium,

Strontium and Trace Elements will benefit this magnificent coral. 

Behavior – Peaceful  

Maintenance and care – It is highly recommended to place the Micromussa coral upright with indirect

medium light and medium variable flow. Using Kalkwasser Mix or a calcium reactor will be great for this

coral and with the right conditions it will grow very fast. 

Water ParametersTemperature: 72F-78F, pH 8.1-8.4, Specific Gravity 1.022-1.025, dKH 8-12, 

Lighting- Moderate 

Water flow- Low