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With no doubt when we say the word cichlids we talk about a huge and unique group of interesting fish.

Cichlids come in all sizes, ranging from a length of 5 cm for dwarf cichlids and the Shelldwellers

from Lake Tanganyika to 80 cm in the case of Boulengerochromis Microlepis from Lake Tanganyika.

Some of them are schooling species and loners, herbivores and omnivores, cichlids have varied colors,

green gray and colorful peacocks. They also come in many shapes and forms.

Some have electrical generating abilities while some have poisonous spines.

Cichlids primarily inhabit freshwater but some species enter brackishwater.

Throughout their rage, cichlids have adapted to highly divers conditions.

Most of the cichlids came from Africa and America but can also be found In other places.

Lake Malawi cichlids

Lake Tanganyika cichlids  

America cichlids  


Neolamprologus leleupi