Mission Statement

Aquarium Passion’s mission is to provide free, accurate information about saltwater and freshwater aquarium fish keeping, provide answers to common questions and solutions to fish keeping problems, educate fish keepers and enthusiasts about conservation and ethical fish keeping, and connect the fish keeping community online.

We are actively building out resources, so please drop us a line if you need something you don’t see.

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Elle Clifford – Owner & Writer

To say that I’m obsessed with all things saltwater is a bit of an understatement. Aquarium Passion has served freshwater and saltwater aquarium hobbyists for over 10 years, and I’m committed to keeping the information accurate and free. My post-bac certification in Sustainability informs my writing, especially about aquarium conservation efforts. When I’m not writing at AP, I’m out in the ocean or researching weird fish.

I’ve been lucky enough to live in places that have opened my eyes to underwater creatures great and small, and now I write about them here with a little help from my friends. I’m passionate about conservation and ocean wilderness, and have a BA and two post-bac certificates.

Most of us here at Aquarium Passion are happiest when we are out on a boat, paddling through a channel, or bush whacking through the rain forest to collect a rare fish specimen (I’m lookin at you, Marcelo!)

I hope you find what you need here at Aquarian Passion; and if you don’t, please drop us a line and let us know what you’re looking for!

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Marcelo Pedraz – Adviser

I’m a Brazilian biologist specialized in South American biotopes with countless hours of studies and collections in different regions of the continent. Academically, I have a degree in biology (Master’s degree in Herpetology) and a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science (Management & Nutrition of Ornamental Fish).

I worked in the pet sector for years (mainly with ornamental fish), have owned an aquarium shop and ornamental plants, worked in zoos as a specialist in animal behavior and, in recent years, I’ve been offering training and consulting to aquarism shops, fish collectors and exporters. I have extensive experience in freshwater and saltwater aquariums, although I have specialized in South American biotopes.

My main mission is to use my passion to make people aware of the proper maintenance of fauna and flora, as well as using aquarism as a conservation tool. My experience in keeping animals in captivity goes beyond fish, extending to invertebrates (mainly tarantulas!), reptiles and mammals. Plus several species of plants, mosses and ferns. Virtually everything but birds!

Friends & Heroes

1% For the Planet

Co-founded by Yvon Chouinard. Need I say more?! International network of businesses who have pledged to donate 1% of their profits to environmental causes. If (when?!) Aquarium Passion ever makes a dollar, we’ll be joining straightaway.



Saltwater Aquarium Blog

Albert B Ulrich III has done an incredible job of amassing detailed information for the experienced (and novice!) aquarist. He’s even written a book. 

Saltwater Aquarium Blog: How to Build a Better Reef Tank


Tropics Aquarium Professionals

Local neighborhood aquarium speciality store that deserves a serious shout-out for their enthusiasm, endless patience, and care for the animals.